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Lima Charlie 1

Specialist high acuity Advanced Life Support response vehicle operated completely FREE OF CHARGE. In case of a medical emergency call 0860 532 532.

1 hour ago
Tue, 22 May 2018 06:21:33 UTC

Pedestrian down, Voortrekker Rd, Goodwood. Moderate injuries. @ER24EMS @cptfrs @1SecondLater @FatalMoves @_ArriveAlive

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1 day ago
Sun, 20 May 2018 11:07:22 UTC

Shooting incident. Als Rd, Bontheuwel. One fatality. @1SecondLater @SAPoliceService @WCHEMS

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2 days ago
Sat, 19 May 2018 20:35:18 UTC

Truck into barrier. N1 outgoing. Woodstock. Driver absconded. @EWNTraffic @TrafficSA @ER24EMS @WCHEMS @1SecondLater

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3 days ago
Fri, 18 May 2018 17:35:48 UTC

MVC involving 2 taxi's. N2 outgoing/ Raapenberg. 17 patients. Minor/serious injuries. @FatalMoves @1SecondLater @ER24EMS @WCHEMS #rescue @EWNTraffic @capetraffic @TrafficSA

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4 days ago
Thu, 17 May 2018 22:04:03 UTC

Train Casually, Kenilworth SAR. Critical injuries @cptfrs @ComMedics @WCHEMS @RoninSAfrica @ER24EMS @1SecondLater @FatalMoves @_ArriveAlive

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Cape Town harbour. Pt extricated from ship after +/-36kg fell on his head. Moderate injuries. Rescue 1SecondLater ER24EMS WCHEMS

House alight, Hanover Park. No injuries cptfrs WCHEMS

Pedestrian down, Bluegum Rd, Bonteheuwel. Critical injuries RSI WCHEMS 1SecondLater

Shacks alight, Cape Town Market, Epping. No injuries cptfrs WCHEMS

Train Casualty, Pinelands. One pt with critical injuries after being struck by high-voltage cable and falling from the roof of a train RSI WCHEMS SAPoliceService

Earlier today, Shooting incident Milnerton. 1 pt with critical injuries. Thanks to all on scene. RSI RoninSAfrica WCHEMS SAPoliceService

Train casualty, Woodstock station. 1 pt with serious injuries transport to hospital by WCHEMS. cptfrs ComMedics

Earlier. Fatal MVC. Prince George Drive, Retreat. Sadly 1 fatality despite best efforts. Expect prolonged delays. Direction Mzberg. ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater cptfrs

MVC. M5, Kromboom. 5pts with minor to moderate injuries. 1SecondLater ER24EMS WCHEMS SAPoliceService Photo credit: RoninSAfrica

Stabbing incident. Hout Bay. 1pt deceased despite best efforts. 1SecondLater SAPoliceService cptfrs WCHEMS

Pedestrian knocked down. Victoria rd, Woodstock. 1 child with moderate injuries. 1SecondLater ER24EMS Photo credit: RoninSAfrica

Car vs tree. Jan Smuts dr. Hazendaal. 2 patients with moderate injuries.1SecondLater ER24EMS WCHEMS rescue cptfrs EWNTraffic capetraffic TrafficSA

Truck vs bakkie. Vlei rd. Schaapkraal. 2 patients with moderate injuries. 1SecondLater WCHEMS Netcare911_sa EWNTraffic capetraffic

MVC involving 6 vehicles. Jakes Gerwel dr/N2. 2 patients transported to hospital with serious injuries. WCHEMS 1SecondLater capetraffic TrafficSA cptfrs

Stabbing incident, Wynberg taxi rank. Two pts serious injuries ER24EMS RoninSAfrica SAPoliceService ComMedics

Construction worker critically injured after struck on head by falling object, Woodstock ER24EMS RoninSAfrica Netcare911_sa WCHEMS

MVC, N7 between R304 and M19. Taxi vs Truck. No injuries ER24EMS cptfrs LimaCharlie1

MVC, Blaauwberg Rd / Wood Dr, Table View. 1 pt moderate injuries. Expect heavy delays ComMedics Resq_Medix cptfrs 1SecondLater

Train casualty. Paarden Eiland station. 1 fatality. 1SecondLater WCHEMS

Pedestrian knocked down. N1 inbound, Paarden Eiland. Pt with critical injuries. RSI 1SecondLater SAPoliceService WCHEMS cptfrs

MVC, car vs taxi, Robert Sobukwe / Valhalla Dr. 7pts minor injuries WCHEMS ER24EMS 1SecondLater 1 person transported by SAPoliceService

Shooting incident, Bonteheuwel. Car into lightpole after being fired at. One fatality SAPoliceService WCHEMS

Shooting incident, Langa. Vehicle into house after being shot at. One fatality SAPoliceService WCHEMS

MVC, Symphony Way / Stellenbosch Arterial. One pt critical injuries WCHEMS 1SecondLater

Non-Fatal drowning incident, Sea Point. Person washed off the rocks, minor injuries. ComMedics NSRI LifesavingSA WCHEMS

MVC, Potsdam Rd, Killarney Gardens. Taxi vs Tree. Two patients with serious injuries Entrapment Rescue ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater

Fatal MVC, R44 Jamestown, Stellenbosch. One critical, one deceased WCHEMS ER24EMS cptfrs 1SecondLater

Motorcyclist down, Military rd. One pt moderate injuries WCHEMS cptfrs ComMedics 1SecondLater

MVC, Baden Powel Drive. Head on collision. Minor to moderate injuries. Entrapment Rescue ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater SAPoliceService

MVC, Symphony Way, Delft. Two cars head-on. 8 pts moderate to critical injuries, multiple entrapments RSI rescue WCHEMS ER24EMS 1SecondLater

MVC, Nooiensfontein Rd, Kuilsriver. Three pts minor to serious injuries after being struck by a car while pushing their vehicle ER24EMS 1SecondLater

MVC, Plattekloof Rd, over N7. One pt with minor injuries WCHEMS cptfrs ER24EMS RoninSAfrica ComMedics Resq_Medix 1SecondLater

Pedestrian down, Klipfontein Rd, Athlone. One fatality SAPoliceService 1SecondLater

Fatal MVC, Buttskop railway crossing Blackheath. Train vs Bakkie. Sadly 7 fatalities on scene. ewnupdates 1SecondLater cptfrs WCHEMS

Earlier. Shooting incident. Hazendal, Athlone. 1pt with serious injuries. 1SecondLater SAPoliceService WCHEMS

MVC. N1 outbound, Paarden Eiland. 5 pts with minor to moderate injuries. 1SecondLater WCHEMS cptfrs SAPoliceService ComMedics

MVC. N7, Du Noon. Car vs stationary taxi. 1pt with serious injuries. SAPoliceService cptfrs WCHEMS

Taxi vs tree. Raapenberg rd/ N2. Pinelands. 1 deceased. 1 patient with serious injuries. WCHEMS rescue ER24EMS EWNTraffic 1SecondLater

MVC. Main rd. Muizenberg. 2 patients with moderate injuries. ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater cmrmed

Shooting incident. N2/Hazendaal. 1 patient with serious injuries. ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater

Train casualty, Woodstock SAR. Serious injuries cptfrs WCHEMS ER24EMS

Pedestrian down, Blaauwberg Rd, Table View. 11yo with moderate injuries cptfrs WCHEMS SA_Paramedics 1SecondLater

Earlier. MVC, car into pole. Lansdowne rd, Phillipi. Minor to moderate injuries including children. BuckleUp ER24EMS WCHEMS 1SecondLater

Shooting incident Houtbay. Sadly 1 fatality despite best efforts. RoninSAfrica cptfrs HoutBayNews

Fatal MVC, Taxi vs Truck N7 direction Cpt close to Morning Star. Sadly 1 fatality and 1 moderate injury. Rescue WCHEMS ER24EMS SAPoliceService cptfrs ComMedics

Shooting incident, Bonteheuwel. One patient with serious injuries WCHEMS SAPoliceService

Pedestrian down, Jakes Gerwel bridge over N2. Moderate injuries cptfrs ER24EMS 1SecondLater

MVC involving 3 vehicles. Frans Conradie dr/ Durban rd. Bellville. 2 patients with moderate injuries. 1SecondLater TrafficSA

Pedestrian knocked down. Kiewiet rd, Athlone. 1 minor with moderate injuries. 1SecondLater ER24EMS SAPoliceService WCHEMS cptfrs

Pedestrian knocked down. Hit and run. Bothasig. Pedestrian sustained critical injuries. ER24EMS WCHEMS ComMedics 1SecondLater

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