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KrugersdorpMurders Day 2 – Le Roux's testimony more shocking than first day | ...

2018-10-11 18:05:40 Truth and Justice Continue

KrugersdorpMurders Day 2 – Le Roux's testimony more shocking than first day | ...

Day 2 of Le Roux Steyn's testimony proved to be just as shocking as the first day.

He started by explaining how Jarrod Jackson was murdered (in December 2015) in the Free State. He was given a cocktail that would make him drowsy. On the way to the Free State, he was strangled. His body was put into the driver's seat of the car, which was then set on fire and the group returned home in a second car.

The body was burnt beyond recognition and the group later identified it as that of Zak Valentine. According to Le Roux, they tried to collect on a life insurance policy for Valentine, but did not succeed, sparking Cecilia Steyn (not related to the other Steyns) to start with her murderous spree.

Trail Day 1:

#KrugersdorpMurders – trial starts with son Le Roux's disturbing testimonial

According to yesterday's court proceedings, most of the victims were lured to 17 Cosanna Flats under false pretenses. Three of them were strangled and some of them were held until their bank details could be verified by either drawing money or doing a transfer.

Glen McGregor (murdered in January 2016) was asked to help Le Roux's mother, Marinda, with a tax problem. He was shot and killed in his home.

Anthony Schofield (murdered 10 May 2016) was lured to the flat where he was tied up and had to provide his bank details. After the group got what they needed, they strangled him and dumped him in the back of his car, which they then left in Krugersdorp.

Kevin McAlpine (murdered 26 May 2016) was also lured to the flat, under the impression that he was going to meet a client. He too had to provide his bank details and was strangled. His body was put in the back of his car and left in a dodgy area of Krugersdorp where it would not draw too much attention when it was found. Hanlé Lategan (murdered on 30 May 2016) was told that she was meeting a client who wanted to purchase property. She was robbed and strangled as well. The group could not dispose of her body in her own car however, as she was driving a branded company car. She was then loaded into Marinda's Hyundai i10 and left near the Randfontein cemetery.

Le Roux has continued with his testimony this afternoon.

Court hears how the victims were lured, robbed, killed and dumped – for money. ...

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