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WATCH: Scholars suspended after teacher harassment...

2018-08-10 15:26:58 Truth and Justice Continue

WATCH: Scholars suspended after teacher harassment...

WATCH: Two Gauteng pupils suspended after video of manhandled teacher goes viral

Two Grade 10 pupils have been suspended after a video of a teacher being manhandled at a Gauteng school went viral on social media earlier this week.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona said they visited the school on Tuesday.

"After we saw the video doing the rounds on social media on Tuesday morning, we wasted no time and visited the school the same day, " Mabona said.

A disciplinary hearing is expected to take place on August 17, according to Mabona.

"The MEC was very clear that this behaviour was not condoned. We condemn it in the strongest form."

In the Facebook video, a pupil is seen approaching the teacher and touching his face, while others in the classroom laugh. The teacher brushes the pupil off.

Later, in a portion of the video clip, the pupil can be seen walking back to his desk before looking at the person taking the video. He appears to laugh and makes hand gestures commonly associated with a street gang.

A few seconds later, he appears to grab the teacher's buttocks while someone can be heard laughing in the background.

"The two boys were suspended. The second boy is the one who was filming the video. Learners are urged to abide by the school code of conduct and desist from any acts of misdemeanor, " Mabona said.

Mabona said the pupil in the video apologised to the teacher and the classroom.

Gauteng department of education has suspended two Secondary School pupils after a video of one of them assaulting a teacher went viral on social media earlie... ...

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