Say no to possessing and buying of stolen goods RejectAndReportStolenGoods GENERAL LAW AMENDMENT...

Say no to possessing and buying of stolen goods #RejectAndReportStolenGoods GENERAL LAW AMENDMENT ACT, 1955 (ACT NO.

62 OF 1955) • Section 36 Any person who is found in possession of any goods to which there is reasonable suspicion that they

have been stolen and is unable to give a satisfactory account of such possession, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to the penalties which may be imposed on a conviction of theft.


• Section 37 Any person who in any manner, otherwise than at a public sale, acquires or receives into his or her possession from any other person stolen goods, without having reasonable cause for believing at the time of such acquisition or receipt that

such goods are the property of the person from whom he or she receives them or that such person has been duly authorized by the owner thereof to deal with or to dispose of them, shall be guilty of an offence.

What can you do to invest in a safer South Africa? Reject and report stolen goods! Property crime such as theft, housebreaking, shoplifting, handbag or cellular phone snatching and theft out of a motor vehicle lead to unnecessary suffering and impoverishment.

Purchasing goods obtained in this illegal manner motivate criminals to repeat their actions.

Say no to stolen goods - do not let victims suffer! The best way to tackle this type of crime is to disrupt and dismantle the stolen goods market by making it impossible for a thief to sell the items that were stolen or robbed.

If a market for the sale of these goods does not exist and the thief is unable to sell the stolen or robbed goods he/she will not be attracted to an area and the negative impact they have on the lives of people in those areas will disappear.

Cooperation between the South African Police Service, the community and business, especially the second-hand goods industry, is essential in this regard.

Any suspicious transaction(s) where goods are suspected to be stolen goods being offered for purchase, should immediately be reported to the South African Police Service.

Contact #CrimeStop at 08600-10111 or download the My SAPS app.

The Mobile App can only be downloaded when you have a smart phone and access to the App store/ Google Play Store.…/d…/do_not_buy_stolen_goods_2019.pdf ""


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