Victim Empowerment Programme 16DaysOfActivism The SAPS is committed to improving our services to...

Victim Empowerment Programme #16DaysOfActivism The SAPS is committed to improving our services to the victims of crime at all police stations and relevant units.

The privacy of a victim must be protected by interviewing the victim in private, either in

a victim-friendly room (VFR) situated at the police station or in the absence of a VFR, in an alternative room at the police station where a victim can be interviewed in private.

This service must be offered to a victim in orde...r to protect the victim's right to privacy.

Victims of crime, especially sexual offences and other serious and violent crimes, have the right to be treated with fairness, respect, dignity and in private when reporting a crime.

Victims have the right

to a victim-friendly service.

What is a victim-friendly service? This is a service where the dignity and rights of victims are protected, and the victim is empowered and not subjected to secondary victimization by the inefficiency of the members of the criminal justice system.

The four basic elements of victim empowerment are emotional support, practical support, providing information and referral to professional support services.

The victims of crime have the following rights: The right to be treated with respect and dignity The right to offer information The right to receive information The right to legal advice The right to protection The right to assistance The right to compensation #EndGBV Read more:…/p…/pamphlets/victim_empowerment.php ""


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