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*HOW TO SUBMIT A C3 REPORT ONLINE* Go to the service requests application and s...

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*HOW TO SUBMIT A C3 REPORT ONLINE* Go to the service requests application and s...


Go to the service requests application and select the service request you would like to make using the drop-down menu *(detailed breakdown - please scroll further down)*

If your service request does not fall under any of the categories provided, you can contact the relevant department using the information on the relevant contact pages on CoCT website.

Once you have made your selection, describe the request as thoroughly and accurately as possible by including as much detail as you can, as well as statements or comments from any third parties also involved.

Provide your current contact details. It is important that all of these details are correct, as the City may need to contact you about the status of your request. Once you have submitted your service request, you will be issued with a Reference Number.

Please ensure that you do not lose your Reference Number, as you will need to give it to the City if you want to follow up on the status of your service request.

*Contact us City Call Centre*

*Telephone:* 0860 103 089

*E-mail (Account queries):*

*E-mail (General queries):*


Should you need to identify property _(field/park needs mowing / problem property)_ please try locating the physical address on city map. If you zoom in on map you will be able to identify the street address, as well as the Erf No allocated to the property.

*Below is a breakdown of the various C3 Service Requests listed on the city's online C3 system*

Suggestion is to make note of the correct Group and Service categories before going online to log C3 Service Request, as this could assist with improved turnaround time.

*GROUP: Animal Carcass Removal*
Dog - large
Dog - small
Horse or Donkey
Seal - large
Seal - small

*GROUP: City Parks (Maintenance)*
Bin Cleaning in Parks/POS
Branch Removal (Fallen/Broken)
Bush Clearing/Weed Control
Cleaning of Ablution Facilities
Dumping on Parks/POS
General Maintenance of Parks / Cemeteries
Pest Control
Repair City Parks Infrastructure
Repair Irrigation
Repair Play Equipment
Root Trimming/Pruning
Tree Planting
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming/Pruning

*GROUP: City Parks (Enquiries)*
Enquiries : Cemetries
Enquiries : Parks
Illegal Vagrants / Squatting on Parks
Insurance Claims

*GROUP: Electricity (Domestic and Commercial Supply)*
No Power Supply

*GROUP: Electricity (Equipment Damage and Exposure)*
Equipment Damaged
Equipment has been Tampered With
Exposed Cable
Kiosk Damaged
Pole Knocked Down in Vehicle Accident
Sparks on Electricity Pole

*GROUP: Electricity (Meter Readings)*
Report Incorrect Reading
Request an Actual Reading

*GROUP: Electricity (Pre-paid Meter Issues)*
PPM Burning / Burning Smell
PPM Customer Unable to Purchase
PPM Display Blank
PPM Faulty (Enter detailed description)
PPM Faulty Mode
PPM Keypad Faulty
PPM No Sequence Numbers
PPM Rejecting Code
PPM Tripping

*GROUP: Electricity (Street Lighting)*
All Street Lights Out
Flickering Lights
Individual Street Lights are Out
Street Lights are ON

*GROUP: Electricity (Wires)*
Wires are Down

*GROUP: Environmental Management*
Rivers and Canals

*GROUP: Fire-fighting Services*
Delayed or Lack Of Response to an incident
Faulty Hydrants
Potential Fire Hazards
Staff Behaviour Complaints

*GROUP: Law Enforcement*
Backyard Repairs
Illegal Dumping
Liquor Outlets/Licenses
Noise Nuisance
Poaching of Marine Life

*GROUP: Litter Bins (Public)*
Litter Bins are Not Being Emptied / Serviced
New or Additional Litter Bins Required

*GROUP: Refuse (Collection and Removal)*
Non Collection of Recycling
Non-removal of Refuse
Request to Remove Garden Refuse

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Dumping)*
Dumping on Stormwater Infrastructure

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Enquiries)*
All Enquiries (Information, Advice, etc)

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Flooding)*
Flooding of Informal Settlements
Flooding of Property
Flooding of Road
Request for Sandbags

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Illegal Advertising)*
Unauthorised Signs or Advertising In Roadway

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Maintenance Required)*
Paint or Repaint Road Markings, Lines, etc
Repair a Pothole
Repair or Replace Bollards, Guards or Handrails
Repair or Replace Street Name Signs
Repair Road or Footway
Spray Weeds
Steps and Staircases Require Repair
Traffic and Road Signs Require Attention

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Missing Covers and Grids)*
Repair or Replace Manhole Cover or Grid

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Pests)*
Spray for Cockroaches

*GROUP: Roads and Stormwater (Unsafe Surface)*
Road Surface Compromised By Oil, Sand, etc.

*GROUP: Safety and Security (Drugs, Drinking, Behaviour)*
Drinking in Public
Illegal Shebeen
Metal Theft
Sexual Acts in Public Places
Substance Abuse
Urinating or Defecating In Public

*GROUP: Safety and Security (Problem Buildings)*
Unkept / Abandoned Buildings

*GROUP: Safety and Security (Squatters)*
Illegal Structures and/or Squatters

*GROUP: Sewer*
Cockroach Spraying
Empty Septic Tank
Re-instatement After Sewer Incident
Sewer : Blocked / Overflow
Sewer : Foul Smell
Sewer : Manhole Cover - Damaged
Sewer : Manhole Cover - Stolen / Missing

*GROUP: Social Development & Early Childhood Development*
Early Childhood Development
Poverty Alleviation (Food Gardens)
Street People
Substance Abuse (Alcohol & Drugs)
Vulnerable Groups (Elderly, Disabilities, Women & Gender)
Youth Development

*GROUP: Solid Waste (Dumping, Beaches and Street Sweeping)*
Beach Cleaning
Illegal Dumping
Street Sweeping

*GROUP: Traffic (Speeding, Parking, etc.)*
Abandoned Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Lost Its Load
Parking Enforcement

*GROUP: Traffic Signals*
All Traffic Lights are Out
Congested Traffic at Intersections
Faulty Arrows at Intersections
Pedestrian Lights are Out
Request for Traffic Signals
Robot Down
Traffic Lights are Flashing
Traffic Lights are Stuck

*GROUP: Transport (Buses and Taxis)*
Golden Arrow Bus Service Complaints
Taxi Probems / Complaints

*GROUP: Water*
Bees In Water Meter / Fire Hydrant
Burst Pipe
Customer: Meter Readings / Consumption
Customer: Phone In Readings
Fire Hydrant: Missing Cover
Leak in Road / Pavement / Underground
Leak at Fire Hydrant
Leak at Valve
Leak at WMD Meter
Leak at Water Meter / Stopcock
Low Water Pressure
Meter: Damaged / Faulty
Meter: Missing Cover
Meter: Stolen
Meter: Locate
Meter: Move / Lowering
No Water Supply
No Water WMD
Re-instatement After Water Incident
Stopcock: Defective
Valve: Missing Cover
Water Quality: Discoloration
Water: Smell
Water: Taste
Water Restrictions: Complaints
Water Run To Waste
Water Shut-off Requested

*GROUP: Wheelie bins (Damaged, stolen, repairs, etc)*
Damaged recycling bin - lge 240l
Damaged recycling bin - sm 130l
Damaged refuse bin - lge 240l
Reduce number of bins
Repair recycling bin - lge 240l
Repair recycling bin - sm 130l
Repair refuse bin
Stolen recycling bin - lge 240l
Stolen recycling bin - sm 130l

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