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Eastern Cape: Police urge communities and businesses to be security conscious this festive season and beyond

King William's Town: Police in the Mount Road policing Cluster is urging residents, businesses and holidaymakers to be security conscious this festive season.

The appeal

is being made after cases of robberies (both house and businesses) were reported in this week during which large amounts of cash was taken from business premises and personal items taken from homes.

The latest incident of house robbery occurred in Summerstrand this morning, 20 December 2018, when at about 03:00, two teenagers were surprised by 3 unknown men in the house. The men entered the bedroom through an open window and threatened them with knives. A TV set, laptop,

cell phones and personal items were taken. The other occupants in the house were not disturbed during the incident. According to the complainants, the windows were left open because of the heat. In another incident, a business in Newton Park was robbed early in the week by unknown men. A large amount of cash was taken.

Police have revealed that during this time of the year property crimes such as housebreaking and theft as well as Trio crimes which include, house and business robberies as well as vehicle hijackings tend to increase. During this time criminals will be on the prowl looking for an opportunity to rob and steal. Police are urging homeowners, visitors and businesses to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions in safeguarding their property and possessions. Do not leave doors and windows open at night. Business owners are to take note of suspicious people loitering outside your premises during opening and closing times. Do not ignore your instincts. Do not follow routine in relation to cashing up and banking of cash on your premises. Empty cash tills as frequently as possible and never leave large amounts of money in the safe overnight. It has been noted that businesses are robbed either during closing times or during opening times because criminals suspect that cash is on the premises.

By taking heed of these proactive tips, one can avoid a crime from taking place. Let us work together in ensuring a safer festive season. #SaferFestiveSeason #CrimePrevention


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